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Children's Center

Kid's Lined Up
About the Children's Center
The Children's Center is designed to create an atmosphere where children can grow emotionally, intellectually, socially, and physically.
Our children are regularly provided with opportunities for early literacy, math, and science through various types of books, songs and activities. Each classroom provides a language rich environment, and each is filled with things to write with, listen to, talk about and read.
Kid's Lined Up
About Our Programs
The Children's Center offers three principal programs:
  1. Two Cal Poly preschool (fee-based)/General Child Care classrooms, which are available to families of varying income levels, for full or part day services.
  2. Two Part-day State (free) funded preschool classes that assist low-income families.
  3. A full-day State (free) Pre-Kindergarten Family Literacy classroom that focus on family literacy services, this is also a State funded preschool class.
The Student/Staff Ratio:
Ages of Children Ratio
2 years 1:6
3-5 years 1:8
6-12 years 1:10
The goal of our program is to get the children ready for school by providing the necessary skills in the areas of literacy, math, and science. Various opportunities are provided for self expression creativity, communication, exploration, and friendships. Every child is valued as an individual learner and provided with a diverse and responsive environment.
Kid's Lined Up
The Cal Poly Pomona Children's Center was founded in 1974 by student-parents looking for a safe and educational environment for their children while they attend class. Many of the student-parents brought with them a rich diversity in culture, ethnicity, language, interests and abilities. The Children's Center priority was and still to this day is to serve the campus community by providing a balanced developmental-based curriculum that enhances the social, emotional, linguistic, physical and intellectual growth of each child.
Today, the Children's Center provides a variety of services for the children of faculty, staff and community parents on a space-available basis. Cal Poly Pomona University and the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) help support the Children's Center through an active partnership. ASI is a recognized auxiliary of Cal Poly Pomona University.
Operating under the administration and support of Associated Students Incorporated, and California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona); the Children's Center was founded in 1974, by students as an on-campus, full-day, childcare program for children, ranging in ages from two through five.
The Cal Poly Pomona ChildrenÂ’s Center has since developed into a high quality early education preschool center for families with young children.
We are committed to providing an affordable educational experience for student-parents, faculty, staff and the community. State funding provides free or low cost services for low-income families enrolled at the center.
We provide a safe and nurturing environment where student-parents can leave their children with confidence while they fulfill their educational goals and working parents can have peace of mind concerning their childrenÂ’s wellbeing. Preschool and childcare is provided for children age two years through entry into first grade, and there is a summer school-age program for children ages six through age twelve. The Children's Center is licensed, and accommodates up to 90 children for 246 full-time days year-round.
The Children's Center is a contractor in good standing with the California State Department of Education, Child Development Division.
The Center follows Title 22 and Title 5 Education Codes and NAEYC standards.